Perhaps the question should be,

 "What Is Causing the Current Obesity Epidemic Around the World?"


Fast Foods
Cravings for Carbs or Sweets
Cravings for Alcohol
Poor Eating Habits
Lack of Exercise
Sluggish Metabolisms
Hormone Imbalances
Faulty Genetics

Okay...if none of the above is responsible for these unwanted weight gains, then...what is causing it?

What has caused me to gain so much weight?

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Toxic Chemicals
Most So-Called Causes

Now...would you like answers to some common questions?

  • You’re saying that hunger and toxic chemicals have caused me to gain all this weight? What does this mean?
  • Of course I eat when I’m hungry. Isn’t this normal? But...why do I feel hungry so often?
  • What toxic chemicals are you talking about?
  • Where’s the proof to show that these toxic chemicals have caused me to be overweight?
  • Where do these toxic chemicals come from and how did they get into my body?
  • Exactly what harmful effects do these toxic chemicals have inside my body?
  • Can I safely neutralize or get rid of these toxic chemicals?
  • How can I avoid these toxic chemicals in the future?
  • With these toxic chemicals around me, can I still lose these unwanted pounds and ugly fat?
  • My daughter is terrified of being fat like I am. What can I do to prevent her from getting fat like me?

The answers to these questions and more are contained in an exciting new Video.

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