Get Big Like Mommy?

Imagine how a man must feel with his wife sobbing beyond control on the sofa, while their only child cries out through her own tears and snuffles:

"Daddy, am I going to get big like Mommy when I grow up?"

That haunting question from a frightened little girl...and the obvious agony in her mother's sobs...led to one of the most important discoveries in my lifetime.


Almost everybody seems to be talking about this incredible breakthrough.

And everybody knows about this molecule-resistance-discovery thing...Right? neither. Not before I watched an amazing video about what it is and how it got discovered.

One of the best things I learned was...getting so big was not my fault.

No More Guilt

After so many painful years of feeling guilty about being heavy. All right, maybe I should use the correct medical term...the one that doctors use to describe heavy people. O.b.e.... Anyway, that's what my doctor called me.

I always figured there must be something wrong with me. That I wasn't as strong willed as some of my friends who still came around. To tell the truth, I didn't think I was good enough even to have friends anymore. I mean...who could love somebody as weak and as heavy as me?

One thing that especially frustrated me was how some people could eat anything they wanted without putting on an ounce, while I got bigger if I even looked at food.

Come on that fair?

But then I watched a video that changed my life. The real problem wasn't me at all. It's this screwed-up little molecule in my brain...this crazy, tiny molecular thing that causes some people to store extra food-energy in their body the way I do.

Did. The way I did. My body doesn't do that anymore.

It's found in people who can't ever seem to reach a healthy size and keep it. The way I was before I watched the video and found out what was causing me to get so heavy.

911 Loud & Clear

Anyhow, this man...the father of that little girl who asked the question, "Will I get big like Mommy when I grow up?" He worked as a 911 Emergency-Call operator at the time. He sure heard his daughter's cry for help that day. And his wife's desperate plea. Oh yeah, he heard them all right. Loud and clear.

He explains it far better than I can. To learn more about this man's amazing journey, go ahead and Tap or Click right now on the button below and watch his exciting Video.

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