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Prevent Illness?

Most illnesses are painful and unpleasant. Many are life threatening.  The high costs of healthcare services and prescription drugs can bankrupt almost any family faced with a serious illness.

Doesn’t it make sense to prevent illness whevever possible?

Who's Responsible?

Optimum health is necessary for an overall condition of well being - i.e. feeling good and being able to function as a productive human being.

Do most people take responsibility for their own health? Sadly, the answer to this question is “No.”

So...why should anyone assume a significant role in managing their own health?

One might also ask, "Who would be impacted most by a serious decline in your health?"

Wouldn't that be you and your family?

Essentials For Good Health

As technology has improved over the years, medical care has become increasingly complex.

Diagnostic procedures and treatments are so numerous that even top medical professionals find it challenging to keep up.

Despite incredible scientific advances, the basic requirements for good health have remained quite constant:

A lifestyle that includes healthy eating, physical exercise, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and moderation in all things.

One Size Fits Who?

The basic requirements for good health are within our control. While some prefer to shift the entire responsilibity for their personal well being to healthcare professionals, this may be unwise in the long run.

For example, a busy physician might recommend the same “accepted” meal plan to 100 consecutive patients. The exact same food intake by all is certain to produce widely different results. Each of us is unique and must decide on specific foods that work for us.

Additionally, one person may find it easy to run 5 miles a day, while another is barely able to walk around the block. One individual may need supplementation with Vitamin-D, while another requires more Zinc, Copper, or other supplements in the daily diet.

Differences apply to food intake, exercise, stress relief techniques, nutritional supplementation, and other considerations.

When it comes to individual health needs, one size rarely fits all.

Healthcare Professionals Agree

50 years ago, physicians focused primarily on treating sick patients. Today, physicians spend a great deal of time in wellness-counseling to help people avoid illnesses.

And who is perfectly positioned to carry out such wellness-oriented recommendations for you?

None of this is intended to suggest that we should attempt to diagnose or treat ourselves or others. We must always leave that to the medical professionals.

But we can and should become as informed as is feasible about the basics of good health, and what we can do to help maintain our own health in an optimal condition.

Responsible DIY-Health

Under the guidance of personal healthcare professionals, and by searching the abundance of information available on the Internet, many excellent options are available to help us promote our own good health.

Reliable information is the key. We must inform and educate ourselves.

DIY-Health was created to assist those who wish to avoid illness and maintain their own good health whenever possible.

Among all “Do-It-Yourself” projects, we believe that personal good health deserves a position near the top of any list. We hope you agree.


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