Inversion Tables Self Help Back Pain Relief

Inversion Tables Self Help Back Pain Relief

Everyone suffers from back pain at some time during their life and inversion tables can help to alleviate spinal compression and pinched nerves.  Many of us suffer from back pain often or constantly.  It is generally a result of our sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise / fitness.  Bad posture contributes significantly to the problem.  Slouching, bad shoes, bad mattress, bad ergonomics at work, all contribute to spinal misalignment, spinal compression and pinched nerves.  The spine carries the entire weight of our upper bodies and everything we carry – purses, backpacks, laptops, luggage and anything we lift.

Improper lifting is responsible for many short term extreme back pain incidents.  Lifting heavy objects has the greatest potential to do damage to our spines and/or muscles, ligaments and tendons but even incorrect movement without additional weight can cause injury.  Myself, I have injured my back by lifting heavy objects or simple movements like putting on my socks or reaching above my head for something.  This has happened to me even when I was quite muscular and in shape from weightlifting (although much less frequently than when I was relatively out of shape).

Exercise will help prevent many spinal injuries (if performed correctly).  Most problems arise from being out of good physical shape.  Poor

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nutrition can contribute to any problem including the body’s ability to perform perfectly and repair itself.  Prescription drugs and over the counter drugs can adversely affect joints and should be considered as a possible contributor when problems arise.

Age, accumulated damage and decades of the effects of gravity can wear on our spines – especially the cushioning disks between our vertabrae.  By using an inversion table, you relieve pressure on the discs and allow additional blood flow for healing.  Chiropractors relieve spinal pain by aligning the vertabra to relieve nerve pinching and allow normal nerve impulse flow.  A pinched nerve causes pain and inflammation.  The inflammation adds additional nerve pressure and discomfort.

By “inverting”, you are using gravity to stretch muscles, and decompress your spinal disks.  Relaxation, easing of pain, healing blood flow and the absence of the stress of pain are all benefits of inversion.  It is like a vacation from pain, how sweet is that?  Obviously if you have a significant injury, you need the advice of a health care professional – preferably a specialist in spinal care – chiropractic, orthopedic doctor, osteopath…

 Inversion Tables Self Help Back Pain Relief



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