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DIY-Health.net is about showing you options to take responsibility for your own health and wellness.  We will try and expose you to many different modalities and tools to improve your health.  We do not offer medical advice, but share wellness principals and tools to help you live a vibrantly healthy and productive life.  You know best what works for you, not all remedies work equally for individuals.  Your goal is to discover what works for you and your mind, body and spirit.

Our mission is to compile many helpful tips and advice from many different sources.  You decide what makes sense to you and what tips you can use for yourself.  Common sense prevails, listen to your body.  Health is the normal state, “dis-ease” is an acquired state of being.  We will expose the causes of less than perfect health and what you can do to counteract them.

So welcome to our site and we hope you find some helpful tips that work for you.  If you have knowledge of a good wellness resource (article / webpage) click on the link at the top of our site “Submit a Link” and your contribution will be added to our site!  Please do not spam us with self promotion or selling.  If the added content is deemed as self promotion or an affiliate page – it will be removed.  So let’s make this an awesome compilation of wellness resources!


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